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hey heeey welcome to my erm.. how da hell did u stumble upon this erm.. this .. website.. anyway.. it doesn't matter! hello hello welcome! i would and should update this ..website.. quite frequently!

hey im gonna be honest right now. bring your ear in closer.... yea thats right. i barely know a CRUMB on how to code. that's why this site is as beginnerish as hell aaargh!!!!

about me- is an introduction to me! i've got interests and social links there.
my blog! - i will be talking about the things i love, mostly media and music.
my art - i will showcase my works here! i'm starting art school soon so i'm excited for this ^_^
commission information - my commission sheet! coming soonn!


1/9/2022 - added more things to about me, got rid of some cringe. planning on many more

29/8/2022 - elly tries to code seriously for the first time!