who are you!


anyway, you made it to the bottom if this text! congrats! i hope it was worth it.

tests/quizzes i took!

click on d imgs do ur own! I'm a Budgett's Frog! What Dere Type Are You?
I'm honeydew bubble tea!
What type of otaku are you?
What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?
Would You Survive Heavenly Host Elementary?
Would You Survive Heavenly Host Elementary?

frequently asked questions about me!

what does your alias & name mean/come from? - elly is a name i use irl, and ellelolell is a play on LOL (laugh out loud) and my name! teehee

interests and things

favourite things: going to cons, nonhumans, video games, music, art, anime & manga, gifs and being on the web.

favourite music: i'm going by my lastfm stats... erm.. helen, bladee, your arms are my cocoon, whirr, julie, awakebutstillinbed, devil's witches, and so much more! i'd be delighted if you asked for my lastfm account.

favourite video games: yakuza, detroit become human, g..gen..g word.. im kinda embarrassed 2 reveal these..

favourite anime & manga : one piece!! gto, bps, nhk ni youkoso (light novel), dandadan, and more i'm.. also kinda embarrassed to reveal..

where you can find me!

i post art here : instagram toyhou.se

i talk a lot more on discord! you can ask me for it personally, i would love to talk! you can mostly find my accounts on the same name! i only post art on both above, but i do use other sites as well.

(pspsps.. i have an anilist account you can ask for..erm.. and also goodreads, rym, lastfm.)